Which PostScript driver to use in Windows?

The User Manual describes how to install a SavaPage printer on a Windows workstation. It states:

When asked for a printer driver, choose a PostScript printer driver from the list. Any type/model will do, as long as it generates PostScript spool files. It makes sense to select just a simple type/model, without fancy options.

But can you really take any PostScript driver? Which drivers did you try, which failed and which were successful. Did you do something extra to make it work? Version details about Windows and printer drivers are welcome.

I think the only requirement for a PS driver is to have the option of changing postscript output format to “archive format”. If the driver can do that it will probably work.

tested xerox phaser series and most of them work.

@rayan Welcome to our community! Thanks for sharing your findings.

An IPP Print of a one-page A4 PDF containing a single page filling graphic, with the Xerox Phaser 6120 PS driver from Windows 7 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, produces just a very small version of the image in the upper-left corner of the resulting PDF page in SavaPage. A print of the SavaPage Manual PDF shows extra quirks, such as some pages rendering upside down.

What about the generic MS Publisher Color Printer driver that is part of Windows? Although results look good on the surface, it produces non-searchable PDF when printing from WordPad. Also, a copy / paste results in Mojibake (garbled text), which for example looks like this: dŚŝƐ ŝƐ DŽũŝďĂŬĞ ƵƐŝŶŐ. Note: the Driver Test Page is searchable though, so this stresses the need to test printing from different applications.

So it looks that some Windows drivers produce “kind-of” PostScript, perfectly understood by their target printer type/model, but not 100% according to the standard and therefore not portable to other environments.

Is there a driver that behaves as expected? So far I have achieved good results with the Xerox Global Print Driver PS driver. Download from the Xerox Support Site. Select your Operating System and download “V4 Xerox Global Print Driver PostScript” or, when not available for your Windows version, select “V3 Xerox Global Print Driver PostScript”.

After extensive testing I found “TOSHIBA e-STUDIO Color PS3” to be a good fit.
It was the only color printer that allowed us send print order in A4 and not letter.

There is no need to change any ps settings in the rinter driver