Printers not seen

Hello, It’s my first time using Linux. I’d follow the manual in installing and setup Savapage successfully. But currently stuck at printing a document.

When I login to user web app and upload a document for printing, no printer shows even though added printers on the operating system are CUPS-BRF-Printer and printer shows “Ready”.

Then I log in as admin >> Proxy Printers and I find only CUPS-BRF-Printer/Generic Text… only (marked good but with configuration needed) and no printer showing.

Which is the printer I’m supposed to use for web printing?

Why is printer not showing in admin >> Proxy Printers?

Why am I not finding any printers when I try to print uploaded documents in user web app?

*I’m yet to connect any physical printer to host.

@godup Welcome! You need to configure the Media Sources any proxy printer before it can be used. The CUPS printer that prints to SavaPage is skipped as proxy printer.

Yes I understand I have to configure the media source but what is displayed on the admin web app is not same as what the manual depicted in section Sources.

Attached is what I get on my interface and I don’t see buttons to make changes to Media source settings.

@godup This is a common issue for PPD files that have vendor specific keywords. See the post on How to solve unrecognized Proxy Printer capabilities . In your case, you most likely need to map the IPP attribute media-source to the vendor specific PPD equivalent.

Okay… I have seen this and I have read through but still find it difficult to crack. I intend to use an hp laserjet P2055 printer. Where can get its .ppd file? if i modify the template file in opt >> savapage >> server >> custom >> cups as a .ppde for my printer what directory am I supposed to store .ppd and .ppde files?

Thank you

@godup If you install hplib on your system the PPD files for HP printers will be available in CUPS, and you can pick the right driver when you add your printer in CUPS. In your case, pick “HP LaserJet p2055” and the media-source is resolved in SavaPage. For your reference see the Open Printing database for HP-LaserJet_P2055d and HP-LaserJet_P2055dn.

Actually, this is basic knowledge of Linux. If you nevertheless have trouble finding your way, send an email to , so I can help you offline and report conclusions in this post.