How to solve unrecognized Proxy Printer capabilities

SavaPage uses the CUPS/IPP interface to retrieve proxy printer capabilities and send print jobs. Unfortunately, vendor specific PPD option keywords are generally not mapped to IPP attributes by CUPS. That’s why we do not get IPP attributes for finishings (staple, punch, fold, booklet) or collating delivered, when we ask CUPS for IPP printer capabilities. Sometimes, even common options like color or duplex printing are not recognized.

To solve mismatches between IPP and PPD, SavaPage uses so-called PPD Extension .ppde files to map PPD options, as defined in *OpenUI sections, to their IPP equivalents.

As an example, these are .ppd and .ppde snippets for Xerox AltaLink-C8000-Series as defined in our savapage-env-printers repository :

Xerox-AltaLink-C8000-Series-SavaPage.ppd :

*OpenUI *XROutputColor/Xerox Black and White: PickOne
*OrderDependency: 10 AnySetup *XROutputColor
*DefaultXROutputColor: PrintAsColor
*XROutputColor Unspecified/Printer Default: ""
*XROutputColor PrintAsColor/Off (Use Document Color): ""
*XROutputColor PrintAsGrayscale/On: "<</ProcessColorModel /DeviceGray >> setpagedevice "
*CloseUI: *XROutputColor

Xerox-AltaLink-C8000-Series-SavaPage.ppde :

*XROutputColor print-color-mode
*XROutputColor PrintAsGrayscale monochrome
*XROutputColor *PrintAsColor color

Details about .ppde files are explained in the PPD Extensions Appendix of the User Manual.

Please reply to this post if you have any questions or want to share .ppde solutions for particular .ppd files.