How to customize SavaPage look-and-feel

SavaPage can be customized to match your organizational identity. Customization is an advanced topic. The User Manual explains the technical details. Let us know if you have any questions so we can put you on the right track.

I was able to do much of this, but the i18n instructions would not work for me. I ended up editing the source jar.

@steveinbuffalo Are you sure you activated Custom i18n in the file with:


(restart SavaPage after you made the change)

Yes. I had trouble with some of the other customization items too like it was ignored or I misnamed or directoried something, then a restart or 2 later they worked. Never resolved that one though so I did it directly. It’s small enough to not worry about.

I am going over config variables now to avoid bugging you or coding changes. Like I wish I could set more than 5 printers to show as choices instead of them having to use search if I have more than 5 printers.

EDIT: It at least should visually indicate there are more than the 5 shown.

@steveinbuffalo You can send details about your failing i18n to so I can have a look offline. Note: in Admin Web App > About > Java you can press the Clear button to clear the i18n cache, so changes in custom i18n files immediately take effect. I created an issue to add a configuration item to set max printers shown.

caching may well me the issue. I will look closer monday.