Getting started with SavaPage: questions and answers

@steveinbuffalo Hi Steve, welcome to SavaPage !

There are basically two ways you can do this. For the first one, each user (patron) that needs to print must be known in SavaPage. Users can than login to the User Web App and upload their documents (pdf, txt, docx, …) or graphics (jpeg, png, bmp, …) and create a so called print job ticket. Tickets are handled by a Job Ticket Operator, i.e. a staff member at the reception who prints the document and collect the costs. See Job Tickets Web App .

In the second scenario users can just email the document to be printed as file attachment to a special purpose email address. They get a reply with a Mail Print Ticket number. A Mail Ticket Operator at the library can, at the request of the user, collect the document by ticket number and e-mail address, print the document and collect the costs. This scenario is currently in beta testing by a US public library and is not yet described in the user manual. It is an extension of the Mail Print scenario. You are welcome to join as beta tester. Send a message to and I’ll help you on your way.

I can see how this would work. I got it all set and working with internal account. :slight_smile: If only it has SIP login (library systems use SIP for librarycard/pin logins to check things out, used pub terminals etc.

Is there a way for users to change their email address on file? I see where they can reset their password.

I created an issue to add an option for internal users to set/change their email address.

@steveinbuffalo SavaPage does not support SIP2, but you could use a SIP2 communication library for PHP to create a SIP2 authentication front-end for SavaPage. Once authenticated by SIP2 you can use our XML-RPC method onetime-auth.createToken to automatically login to the User Web App. You can see how this is done in our PHP solution created for SSO to SavaPage from Moodle: see moodle-block_savapage.

All I get back is nil instead of a token… <ex:nil> Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ll try again later, or try for a different angle.

@steveinbuffalo Did you set the TTP API key in the web-login.ttp.apikey configuration property? Also check web-login.ttp.enable = Y and the expiration criterion in milliseconds as set in the web-login.ttp.token.expiry-msecs configuration property. See User Manual.

Last but not least, check /opt/savapage/server/logs/server.log for error details.

Typo - But I am losing my mind. I cannot find the settings I know I saw, to allow account creation on demand. I thought I saw them and they were set. The error I am down to is

2021-06-14 08:46:42,049 WARN AppLogServiceImpl:123 - User WebApp ~ Login: user “XuseridX” does not exist

Ok I have to set user source to unix to see the account on demand creation stuff. But it still doesn’t do it. No error in log.

I need a different angle I guess. Maybe I’ll work out a signup form or something.

@steveinbuffalo account creation on demand works for external users only. Picking Unix as external user source is fine, but you need to take care that the user you want to lazy create in SavaPage pre-exists in Linux (or any other external user source you choose).

That piece wasn’t clear. (that it had to be pre-existing external). I put together a signup form to address the issue, so all is good.

How/where would I be able to change screen prompts? specifically the web app login. I would like to change “user name” and “password” to something else (ie cardnumber and pin).

edit: I tried the i18n override per instructions but it was ignored, so I finally adjusted it in the original jar file for now just to get it done. I don’t know what step I might have missed.

@steveinbuffalo If users actually have a cardnumber and pin to authenticate, you might consider using ID Number Login, without the need to customize the screen prompt. If you do want to customize and have questions, please reply to How to customize SavaPage look-and-feel so we can move on from there.

ID Number would still confuse them. I changed the prompts.

The current issue I’ve found is when submitting the job ticket, I check landscape, but in the job tickets screen I still show the job as portrait.
edit: I think its function is not what I assumed to look at it.

@steveinbuffalo Indeed, the “Landscape” checkbox you refer to is for the Print Preview only. It is not a printer setting.

I’m testing out Savapages for implementation in a school in Belgium. I seem not to be able to create groups. The lists that are showing are empty. So I can’t select a group to add or to delete…
Is it possible to help me out? Thank you

Update: Sorry, I needed to configure the user source. I set it on Unix. I tought you could add groups just like internal users.

@ictvko Welcome to SavaPage! Actually, you can create Internal Groups with internal users as member. But selecting an external User Source, like UNIX, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, Microsoft Active Directory, Google Cloud Directory, etc., allows you to define groups in that source and then add them in SavaPage.

Hi @rijkr, Thank you for your fast reply and pointing me in the good direction. Amazing product! I’m testing now with build in groups just to give a proof of concept to my principal at the school. Second step is making it work with AD. Thank you!

One last question.
I have a scenario where there is a ticket operator (administration) and there are ticket makers (teachers). The teachers create tickets and the operator does the prints. The teacher can select the class the prints are for by selecting the class at the invoice dropdown. This works perfectly. If I want to print an overview or download and excel of the tickets per class/invoice how can I achieve this. Looks like it is only possible to generate a report per teacher personal prints but not filter by invoice account. Is this possible?

Regards N0a

@ictvko Did you have a look at the Reports? If you have extra requirements, please let me know.