Zeroconf printing with SavaPage AirPrint

Networked printers that conform to the IPP Everywhere™ standard are automatically detected on AirPrint compatible platforms and can direcly be used without any configuration.

IPP Everywhere is based on IPP/2.0 and Zero-configuration networking (Zeroconf). “Zeroconf” is also known as “Bonjour”: the Apple branded implementation of Zeroconf technology. Likewise, “IPP Everywhere” (Zeroconf printing) is also known as “AirPrint” (Bonjour printing).

SavaPage AirPrint is easy to configure and makes Zeroconf SavaPage printing available on any AirPrint compatible OS, like GNU/Linux, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS and Windows.

Give it a try and feel free to reply if you have any questions or remarks.