Welcome to SavaPage Community

Our community unites people who are interested in Open Printing in general and SavaPage Open Print Portal in particular.

Our mission is to:

Produce Open Printing Solutions with Free and Open Source Software.

Our vision is:

A world where People & Planet enjoy a sustainable Open Printing experience.

Be part of our journey that is guided by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Share : Believe in the productive power of collaboration around shared passions and objectives.
  • Care : Tune in on others’ feelings, needs and concerns.
  • Trust : Deserve the trust of the ones you serve by operating ethically and transparently.
  • Honor : Keep your promises and show courtesy and respect in all aspects of your work.
  • Learn : Foster a learning environment where everyone can grow by inquiry and curiosity.
  • Excel : Strive for excellence, constantly re-evaluate and assume that change is constant.
  • Enjoy : Enjoy what you do. Be sure to have fun, and make friends along the way.

Community members have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and help each other and the project. Everybody is encouraged to contribute. Be it by reading topics, responding to topics, or creating new topics.

In order to have a civilized and safe environment for everybody we have come up with a few simple rules. Please read through them and try to behave accordingly. We also believe that the community is you and you are the community. So if you have any additions or remarks, please do feel free to comment on this and discuss this with us.

Anyone is free to join the community.

  • Always be polite. Treat other members as you want to be treated.
  • Be inclusive in your posts. RTFM is not tolerated as an answer. If you can answer a question and know where to find the answer in the documentation, do both.
  • Show gratitude. By giving thanks and acknowledging fellow community members for their contributions and their general awesomeness, we set a standard of gratitude and recognition for the community at large.
  • Respect opinions of others.
  • Freedom of speech is important, but not everything can be said. There is no room for hostile remarks, posting advertorials or self promotion.