Turn-key solutions of SavaPage

Although the SavaPage install manual is quite extensive, it can be difficult to get SavaPage to work since there are a lot of steps involved when installing the application.
For the less tech-savvy system administrators there are currently 2 turnkey solution to implement SavaPage.
Note that SavaPage has no direct ties with these 2 turnkey implementations, however, we are in contact with the creators of the solutions.
The first option is NethServer . NethServer is a CentOS-linux Small Buisiness Server that aims to make the sysadmins life easier by using an intuitive user interface for managing almost every service that can be installed on NethServer. NethServer is highly modular: you just install what you need.
SavaPage is available on NethServer through a 1 command install through the terminal. You can find more info on how to install SavaPage on NethServer in the NethServer wiki

A second option is Linuxschools Karoshi Server
Karoshi server is an Ubuntu based server that aims to support educational environments. Since december 2016 SavaPage has been added to the Karoshi printserver module

Feel free to try either of these turnkey options and share your findings with us. If you run into issues in some way, either distribution or SavaPage originated, we will try to address those issues. Even better if it just turns out to work out of the box!