SavaPage Android Print Service: Get it on F-Droid

Last month I gave a presentation for the Dutch Linux Users Group entitled Free Software Alternatives for Google Android.

The main topic was F-Droid : “an installable catalogue of Free and Open Source Software applications for the Android platform.”

During my research I could not suppress the urge to publish an F-Droid application myself, so that I could add some practical experience to my talk.

So here it is: SavaPage Android Print Service.

Writing the source code was fun, publishing went smoothly and was done within a week. Kudos for the F-Droid team for offering such a great service!

More information can be found in the User Manual. Note that the app is published as “Feature Preview”. It’s fully operational, but will be improved depending on user feedback. So, …

… and tell us what you think.

Wauw, nice. F-Droid aligns with the values of SavaPage and so I think it is great you put in the effort to publish there.

@nico Moreover, F-Droid SavaPage is a Free as in Freedom alternative to Google Cloud Print :slight_smile: