SavaPage admitted to Free Software Directory


I am proud to announce that SavaPage is now officially listed in the Free Software Directory as .

The Free Software Directory (FSD) is a project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It catalogs Free Software that runs under Free Operating Systems, particularly GNU/Linux. FSD is a major source for organizations who demand Free Software for their IT infrastructure.

I want to thank all of the community members who contributed to this milestone. Using free and open source software is crucial for user freedom, and so your contribution to the SavaPage project remains of the utmost importance. Now let’s take the next step and make SavaPage a widely accepted Open Printing Solution.

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Congratulations Rijk and SavaPage community! I know you have been trying to get on this list for a long time and I’m glad you finally got there. It underlines the human values that are upheld in SavaPage. These values make SavaPage stand out compared to other printing solutions. Indeed let’s increase the adoption of SavaPage to show others how honest software development can be done!