SavaPage 1.4.0 released

SavaPage 1.4.0 is final and has been released. All community members are encouraged to upgrade.

New features, changes and fixes have been implemented. Some highlights:

See the Release Notes for the complete list of many new features and issues solved. Package and Manuals can be found at the SavaPage Community Wiki.

At the same time the new 1.5.0-rc rolling release candidate is available. This will be a stable version where new functions and improvements are accumulated till the next final release.

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I’m new to Savapage. I’m Brazilian. I would like to do a test with my local printer. I just didn’t understand how it works, I followed all the steps in the documentation.
After adding my printer directly to cups, the necessary configuration starts to appear in the print proxy.
I pay 50 euros, if someone makes a mini tutorial of how it works exactly, for my tests.

Hi @cristianonix , welcome to SavaPage! Can you be a little more specific? What problems are you running into? If the User Manual is not clear, we can of course improve it.

Hi @rijkr The manual is a little confusing for me. I’ve read it several times, I couldn’t get it to work. I don’t know if you need to add printer in CUPs first or not. I wanted like a step by step just to work. I would love to learn.

I have HP printer pro 9014

@cristianonix As described in the User Manual “SavaPage automatically detects CUPS printer queues, and uses their unique name to replicate corresponding Proxy Printers in its database.” :slightly_smiling_face: If you are a novice to Linux and CUPS, please get acquainted with these subjects first before jumping to SavaPage.

@rijkr So it is mandatory to register the printers there. I did this test, but even if the printer appears on savapage. Shows required configuration.