Proxy Printer - Configuration Needed

Hello SavaPage Community, I discover savapage a some months ago and I finally got to try it and install it. but I have issues this is my problem. I have a cups printer server with 4 printers in it with Savapage installed. I can print a test page from the cups server to the printers so I know my configuration works. My problem is I cant get the printer to show in savapage clients view. I can see the printers in the Admin view but it tells me in red letters “Configuration Needed” I have added the PDD file of the printer in Savapage and assigned to the printer and the error does not go away. I have configure media on the printer and the error still there. One thing I notice when I configured media it does not give me an option to name the media but allows me to put price in it and active the preferer media file types. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks