Printing as a local in windows

We’ve been using the mobile printing options (upload, email) but I’m not getting too far with windows printing. I follow the instructions to add it as a printer, and I see it, and I can print. But it bombs on the print server… it says
2021-07-17 12:50:36,955 ERROR RawPrintServer:230 - IOException: IP Print job fro
m [] has no [%%Title: ] and/or [%%For: ] (IP Print from
) [SocketServerThread] IP Print job from [] has no [%%Title: ] and/or
[%%For: ]
at org.savapage.server.raw.RawPrintServer.readAndPrint(RawPrintServer.ja
at org.savapage.server.raw.RawPrintServer.access$000(
at org.savapage.server.raw.RawPrintServer$

if I go further up the log I do see a %%Title line, but there definitely is no for. I also am unclear on how/where one selects the actual printer you want it to print to. This parking in your AD named account in savapage kind of like the upload or email does in those accounts?

@steveinbuffalo First take a look at Which PostScript driver to use in Windows? - #4 by rijkr

The PostScript “%%For” tag holds the workstation session user id. This user id might be authenticated by a forced login to a Single Sign-On Domain or is just a local user of a device in a Peer to Peer Network context. Depending on which context you’re in, you can either mark the corresponding Queue of your SavaPage Printer as trusted or untrusted. Note: Queue /raw is reserved for Raw Printer Port 9100 (JetDirect).