Does SavaPage comply to your legal obligations?

In Europe the current buzzword is GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation. There is a lot of confusion about GDPR. Long story short: GDPR is one of the main legal instruments in the EU to enforce Digital Privacy.

SavaPage is fully compliant to GDPR by supporting Data Portability in a user tailored GDPR-Dialog and Data Erasure (“right to be forgotten”) on request, executed by administrator.

Besides GDPR there are probably similar laws in other countries around the world. This call is to all community members to discuss about privacy laws and how SavaPage can become complient to local privacy laws.

A major law in the USA is HIPAA. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act. It is an US act signed by former president Clinton back in 1996. HIPAA regulates the availability and breadth of group health plans and certain individual health insurance policies.
You might wonder: what has SavaPage to do with HIPAA? There are a few circumstances that it does, and there are examples of, for example, insurance companies that forgot to have a look at their printing environment when they had to show they were HIPAA compliant.
These days, most MFP’s generally in use by companies have storage capacity in the form of 1 or more harddrives. Especially this internal storage can become a major data breach when it comes to HIPAA compliance.
There is a huge consultancy industry around HIPAA. In order comply to HIPAA we would like to know from you what must be added to SavaPage in order to make it HIPAA compliant.

To address HIPAA compliance we would like to know:

  • What are you struggling with.
  • Can you tell us what is needed to add to SavaPage for this issue?

To address compliance with laws in other counties:

  • Can you point us to legislation in your country?
  • Can you tell us what is needed to be added to SavaPage?