CUPS icon not showing when deploying in container(s)

@rijkr This is not about containers per se, but that is where I am testing/installing. I have a container working using docker-compose on my local system. and when I push it to my production system, the cups icon under Proxy Printers does not show… presumably because savapage can’t see the running cups service.

Can you confirm what test is actually run to determine whether or not to show the cups icon under the Proxy Printers section.


The cups service is actually running in the container with Savapage, because I can navigate to the CUPS admin and add the printer. Synchronize does pull it in as expected, but I can’t print to it via the web client. Again presumably because it doesn’t “see” it.

@worraps As the User Manual states: The CUPS button is shown when the browser points to “localhost”, “”, a “.local” address, or to the intranet IP address of the SavaPage server, and host port matches the configured SavaPage port.

@worraps Although CUPS is part of your SavaPage container, your physical printers are not. When you deploy the container in an environment where these physical printers are not visible, their CUPS counterparts show as disconnected and will not be available for proxy printing from the web app.

@rijkr I would love to test savapage with a pro9014 printer. I can’t find any tutorial on the internet that shows step by step?

Thank you! oversight on my part!

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@cristianonix send an email to , so I can help you offline and report conclusions in this post.