Adding a new incomplete printer entry crashes android app

I attempted to add my printer in the android app and after fill all fields and selecting save, the app crashed with no error. I opened and added again, but accidentally hit save before adding the URL.
It accepted my entry and saved as a new printer profile, but in an attempt to open the entry to fix my mistake it causes the app to crash every time.

The app works by adding the correct info from the user’s account dialog for ipp into another printer profile. However if I tap the “bad” entry, app will crash.

Is it possible the reason the first attempt failed/crashed is that I had not yet enabled the ipp printing in admin?

Hi @worraps, perhaps there is a misunderstanding. When adding a printer in your SavaPage Android Print App, you must use the URL and credentials of the SavaPage Internet Printer. So do not enter the URL of your physical target printer.

Understood. thanks! I do have it working as expected, but I just clicked save too soon on the Test entry and now if I accidentally touch it, it crashes the app.

I cannot reproduce the crash. Please contact to share details.