What keeps you busy week 12 march 18-24


Hi @bitfinity-nl and @bram.dubois
A warm welcome in this starting community. You are the first to join and I must say am I very pleased to see you here.
You are one of the first who are explicitly invited to the community. In the future the community will open up for everybody but in the first few weeks we want to have a selective group of people that are in some way already involved with SavaPage.
Can you briefly introduce yourself? What is you background? Can you tell a bit how you first bumped into SavaPage and did you already deploy SavaPage in your environment?
We want this community to become a friendly and inclusive place where anyone can ask questions about printing (with or without SavaPage)
If you have any questions about the project or about the community, don’t hesitate to ask.
Anyway, good to see you here and I hope you have a pleasant stay.