Paper recycling strategies

Call it a professional deviation, but I just can’t restrain myself from giving printed paper with lots of white space a second chance. Every print, from whatever source, whose informational value has expired is inspected for reuse. Single sided prints are routinely put in a basket under my desk. Even double sided prints with inviting wide open eyes join in. Whenever I want to make a volatile note, todo list, memo, drawing, you name it, I take a sheet from the basket below to give it a renewed destination. Finally, when my scribbles are out-of-date and all white space is used up, the sheet is demoted to a second basket that acts as an intermediate station to the municipal paper recycling station.

Paper is precious and this is my personal reuse strategy. What is yours?


Awesome topic. I made from a similar reuse strategy my business. Last year I started Green Side: we produce sustainable notebooks from one-sided printed paper. This way, we use the full potential of this paper.

The notebooks are made by people with a distance to the labour market. Lastly, we do this all locally: we collect the paper at local school and they are also produced locally.

You can find more on our website:

@Leon Welcome to the SavaPage Community, and thanks for sharing your fantastic Green Side initiative!

The screen-shots on show very classy notebooks indeed. I continued reading about your mission, social commitment and choice for near market notebook producers. This context adds even more value to your already sustainable product. Your initiative is a wonderful example and therefore certainly deserves wide attention. Hopefully you can find time to add some English pages to your site in addition to the Dutch ones. Please keep us informed of any new developments.

P.S. I contacted your sales for my first order of SavaPage branded notebooks :slight_smile:

Paper is precious. Its production and consumption have significant impact on our planet. Click here to read more.

Photo CC BY 2.0 Brett Jordan

Our first series of Green Side notebooks was delivered in style by By reusing paper this way we saved 700 sheets of paper, 1312 liters of water and 219 KWh. Thanks @Leon, they are looking great!